Finding an Honest WordPress Shopping Carts Review


For those who use WordPress, finding a good WordPress shopping carts review can be difficult. That’s because while there’s a virtual cornucopia of options, none seems to be the clear community favorite. This is an odd situation because WordPress is easily the world’s most popular Content Management System, or CMS, for the past three years at least, with nearly a quarter of all new domains registered in the United States powered by it. So how come a the definitive e-commerce solution has yet to be written for everyone’s favorite website-building platform?

And more to the point, why is it so hard to find a WordPress shopping carts review that really goes through each available option and puts it through real-world tasks? Well, as can be imagined, the answer is comprised of a number of factors. First off, a great deal of expertise is necessary. E-commerce is no stroll through the park, even for the vast majority of would-be webpreneurs, folks hoping to make money online in their spare time. Even for this demographic, selling on the web is tough despite their limited wares and inventory, never mind all the enterprise-level challenges facing all the more established businesses!

You simply have to be well-versed in all manner of retail operations, minutiae having to do with tax rates, shipping rates, and so forth. To publish a WordPress shopping carts review that’s actually useful will require a very thorough familiarity with modern business practices so that each solution is put through its proper paces! Then there’s all the time involved in setting up test sites, configuration cart options every which way, plus conducting the actual experiments under various conditions. Now rinse and repeat for the plethora of e-commerce software available for WordPress, and it’s easy to imagine why more information on the subject doesn’t exist!

But even that’s not all. There is also the fact that we may be entering a Golden Age of sorts where WordPress shopping carts are concerned. That popularity of the platform mentioned at the outset? It’s finally caused some serious developers to take notice. With almost one out of four American websites running on the CMS, you can be sure that no small amount of them are e-commerce sites in need of modern e-commerce back-ends!

That means no shortage of opportunity for ambitious coders everywhere. And this state of affairs in turn leads to a potential groundswell of new options to come, which will cause established developers to upgrade their offerings, resulting in a lot of competition for WordPressers’ dollars — to the ultimate benefit of the consumer!

And all of that is why a good comprehensive review comparing shopping cart plugins for WordPress is hard to come by. The time, the expertise, not to mention marketplace foment…they all conspire to render the task a very difficult one indeed.

Author William Gold recommends reading a good WordPress Shopping Carts Review before investing time and money in an e-commerce solution.

Ticonderoga (1906) – National Historic Landmark
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Image by origamidon
Side-paddle-wheel Lakeboat – Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vermont USA • Grandest of all is the Ticonderoga, the only surviving vertical beam sidewheel steamship in the U.S., 220 ft long, weighing 892 tons.

Electra Havemeyer Webb, creator of the Shelburne Museum] made the Ticonderoga her own Fitzcarraldo. She bought the ship, then had it dragged two miles from Lake Champlain to her Museum, where it now rests in a miniature valley that she’d ordered dug for it. Why put a ship in a hole? "When you see a ship," the tourguide told us, "you don’t see it WAY UP THERE."

Electra had a model of the landlocked ship in her home, set in a model hole, and would add or remove spoonfuls of dirt until she was satisfied that its position was just right. She’d then order her workmen to remove or add dirt to match. The workmen pointed out that each of Electra’s spoonfuls equaled five dumptrucks of dirt, but she did not care. The superrich can make anything happen. She paid the cash, and lesser beings moved the dirt — and an 892 ton ship. – from the Field Review.

• The steamboat Ticonderoga is America’s last remaining side-paddle-wheel passenger steamer with a vertical beam engine of the type that provided freight and passenger service on America’s lakes and rivers from the early 19th to the mid-20th centuries. Commissioned by the Champlain Transportation Company, the Ticonderoga was built in 1906 at the Shelburne Shipyard in Shelburne, Vermont on Lake Champlain.

The Ti measures 220 feet in length and 59 feet in beam, with a displacement of 892 tons. Her steam-powered engine, handmade by the Fletcher Engine Company of Hoboken, New Jersey, was powered by two coal-fired boilers and could achieve a maximum speed of seventeen miles per hour. – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

☞ On January 28, 1964, the National Park Service designated this structure a National Historic Landmark (#66000797).

National Historic Landmarks are nationally significant historic places designated by the Secretary of the Interior because they possess exceptional value or quality in illustrating or interpreting the heritage of the United States. Today, fewer than 2,500 historic places bear this national distinction. – [And one of only 17 in Vermont.] – Working with citizens throughout the nation, the National Historic Landmarks Program draws upon the expertise of National Park Service staff who work to nominate new landmarks and provide assistance to existing landmarks.

National Historic Landmarks are exceptional places. They form a common bond between all Americans. While there are many historic places across the nation, only a small number have meaning to all Americans — these we call our National Historic Landmarks. – from the National Park Service.

☞ On October 15, 1966, this structure was also added to the National Register of Historic Places (#66000797).

• More info: The GeoHack for 44°22′31.55″N 73°13′56.38″W.
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In July, 2010, I started a project to visit and document all seventeen Landmarks in Vermont. Here they are (in order of designation by the National Park Service):

[01] 09/22/60 – JUSTIN S. MORRILL HOMESTEAD, Strafford, Orange County
[02] 01/28/64 – TICONDEROGA (Side-paddle-wheel Lakeboat), Shelburne, Chittenden County
[03] 06/23/65 – CALVIN COOLIDGE HOMESTEAD DISTRICT, Plymouth Notch, Windsor County
[04] 12/21/65 – EMMA WILLARD HOUSE, Middlebury, Addison County
[05] 11/13/66 – ROBBINS AND LAWRENCE ARMORY AND MACHINE SHOP, Windsor, Windsor County
[06] 06/11/67 – GEORGE PERKINS MARSH BOYHOOD HOME, Woodstock, Windsor County
[07] 05/23/68 – ROBERT FROST FARM, Ripton, Addison County
[08] 12/30/70 – VERMONT STATEHOUSE, Montpelier, Washington County
[09] 11/28/72 – MOUNT INDEPENDENCE, Orwell, Addison County
[10] 12/20/89 – STELLAFANE OBSERVATORY, Springfield, Windsor County
[11] 11/04/93 – NAULAKHA (Rudyard Kipling House), Dummerston, Windham County
[12] 06/19/96 – OLD ROUND CHURCH, Richmond, Chittenden County
[13] 06/19/96 – ST. JOHNSBURY ATHENAEUM, St. Johnsbury, Caledonia County
[14] 12/09/97 – ROKEBY, Ferrisburgh, Addison County
[15] 05/16/00 – ROCKINGHAM MEETING HOUSE, Windham County
[16] 05/16/00 – SOCIALIST LABOR PARTY HALL, Barre, Washington County
[17] 01/03/01 – SHELBURNE FARMS, Shelburne, Chittenden County
= = = = = = = = =
☞ More photos of this and other National Historical Landmarks.

The Types of Bulbs Found in Shopping Deals for Flashlights

The most prevalent of the bulb types infesting your online shopping encounters is the practically inescapable incandescent bulb. If you’ve needed a flashlight in a clinch and didn’t have time to sift through online shopping selections but still needed to watch your cash, you probably settled on shopping deals for a flashlight that uses incandescent bulbs. Not to say that incandescent bulbs are necessarily the worst shopping deals you’ll come across in your online shopping, but they lack the power of their peers. Yet, as far as availability is concerned, flashlights that use incandescent bulbs dominate the market in shopping deals so they present the most initially inexpensive option.
If you’re intent is to harness the brightest beam on the market, use your online shopping time to search for flashlights that use Xenon bulbs. These flashlights are the best shopping deals for power. While they outclass any incandescent bulbs you’ll find in your online shopping in pure brilliance, they may be the worst shopping deals for energy efficiency. Compared to other bulbs you’ll find while doing your online shopping, the Xenon bulbs burn through energy. In addition, shopping deals on flashlights with Xenon bulbs often require batteries with extreme voltage, which can also pack on costs you hadn’t figured into your estimated online shopping budget.
Flashlights that use LED bulbs are often the best shopping deals for energy efficiency. If you find a flashlight in your online shopping excursion that uses LED bulbs, you can count on it to present a more brilliant beam than the best shopping deals on incandescent bulb flashlights while tearing through fewer batteries than shopping deals on Xenon bulb flashlights. While you may be surprised at the initial cost of a flashlight that uses LED bulbs compared to other flashlight costs you’ll see in your online shopping review, the longevity of the bulb can often repay the costs.
While the LED bulb varieties of flashlights may seem like the obvious best deal from online shopping, your intended use and personal values may push shopping deals on incandescent bulb flashlights or Xenon bulb flashlights in your favor. Carefully review the facts and product descriptions so your choice will make your online shopping jaunt well worth it.

No matter why you need a flashlight, you should be able to find an accommodating model through online shopping. The type of bulb the flashlight uses can heavily influence your choice of the best shopping deals so make sure you know the difference between the 3 bulb types!

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Online Shopping Statistics in Australia


Everyone says there is an increase in online shopping in Australia. But it’s hard to find solid data to back that up.

Although the Australian Bureau of Statistics releases regular findings on population growth and employment rates, the most recent online shopping information seems to be dated June 06. The archive figures show a definite increase in online internet usage between 2004 and 2006, with 70% of Australians over 14 using the internet in the last month, although the primary online activities were email, general surfing and product research. Shopping and selling online did increase from 41% to 64% over that period, with the income from online businesses increasing by 19% from 2004 to 2005.

The Australian Retailers Association provides more recent information, although the latest figures were not positive. The media release for 17 June 2008 was headed “retail profits plummet as shoppers stop spending”. 10% of retailers reported a decrease in profitability over the last quarter, despite 35% indicating that they increased prices over the period, although that covers online and offline retailers.

The Norton Online Living Report (in their first bi-annual report at states that 76% of online adults had purchased something online at some time. Mind you this was from a survey of 4687 adults from eight countries, and extrapolated. Around 55% of Australians have a high degree of confidence online, with around a third feeling confident sharing personal information when shopping online. The majority have security software on their computers, with basic precautions such as changing passwords, using multiple email addresses and staying on trusted sites.

Hitwise has recent data about Australian internet usage, grouped by category. Their May 08 report says that top searches driving traffic to shopping sites online were ebay, trading post, ticketek, harvey norman, everyday rewards (Woolworths), amazon and target. searches for “online shopping australia” show that volumes have been relatively consistant over the past few years, apart from seasonal peaks leading up to Christmas.

Verisign is a global provider of infrastructure to communicate and conduct commerce with confidence, with digital certificates protecting over a million servers worldwide. From the Verisign site (courtesy of data from Ipsos-Insight), 69% of online shoppers are concerned about online credit card fraud, 85% concerned about identity theft, and 37% believe that online shopping is a risk factor for identity theft. Displaying a trust logo on a site is felt to be important by 94% of Australian online shoppers. The majority of shoppers prefer to use sites that display the Verisign Secured Seal.

Newspapers frequently have generic articles about the increase in online shopping. With the increase in petrol prices, and the ability to compare prices online to find the best bargain, avoiding crowds and queues, and the ability to find unusual gifts, it is easy to understand why people are interested in shopping online. New online shops are starting up all the time. The increased competition does lead to more benefits to shoppers, such as free gift wrapping and delivery.

If you are just starting out at shopping online, here are some useful tips:

1. Look for a trust logo, such as Verisign, to verify site authenticity

2. Check refund, privacy, returns, guarantees and delivery costs

3. Check reputation at shopping review sites that allow ratings and comments, such as

4. Pay by credit card, possibly having a separate credit card with a low limit, specifically for online use

5. Ensure capture of personal and credit details are secure. The address of the page should start with https, and there should be an icon of a padlock on the bottom of the screen

6. Print a copy of the receipt and also save a screen print of the receipt

7. If you have problems getting a refund, visit

Penny Naim is an avid online shopper, and online researcher. Discover a huge range of quality Australian shops, rate and write reviews about Online Shopping Australia at

writ of certiorari (136/365)
shopping review
Image by alexis mire
In the United States, certiorari is most often seen as the writ that the Supreme Court of the United States issues to a lower court in order to review its judgment for legal error and review where no appeal is available as a matter of right.

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