MyShoppingGenie Review- Can You Really Make Money?


There are many ways to make money online and My Shopping Genie is another one of those companies presenting you that opportunity. The question is can My Shopping Genie distributors make money or is it a waste of their time and effort? In addition, if it is not a scam, then how do you earn money and is it really worth your time? These are some of the things we will look at with this article.

So, what is My Shopping Genie and how does it work?

MyShoppingGenie is an innovative online shopping application that locates the best deals and lowest prices on thousands of products by means of your preferred major search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo or AOL. Enter your chosen item and MyShoppingGenie immediately gets into action exhaustively probing the Internet, including major web retailer and auction sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Wal-Mart and the main shopping engines.

Is My Shopping Genie secure?

The MyShoppingGenie shopping and search application doesn’t ask for, save, or give any information about you, your computer, your search habits, your email address, your IP address or anything else.

They certify that the MyShoppingGenie Application contains no adware, spyware, malware or anything else that interferes with the operation of your P.C. or your privacy. The Genie App only appears on your computer screen when you open and use a major search engines.

Can you really make money?

I consider the actual question here isn’t, “Can you make money?” on the contrary “Can you make enough money?” They say it’s free yet, that is not if you want to become a distributor. It costs $ 200 to enroll, with a monthly fee of $ 30 to start off with. With that kind of upfront cost, does that compensation plan really pay enough to break even and even give you extra money each month? That is for you to look at very closely and decide.

If you do come to a decision to try it, then it’ll only work if you are generating a lot of leads. In the Network Marketing/Multi-Level Marketing industry, it is all about the numbers game. The more you talk to, the more you sign up. If you desire to be a My Shopping Genie distributor and make money, generating leads is the only way that you’ll actually make money. You have to go further than just talking with friends and family. That’ll only get you so far. Consequently, if you desire to make money and constantly be increasing, find out how to generate 20+ leads each day and have a good system in place.

Begin generating 20+ laser targeted leads as a My Shopping Genie Distributor with my proven lead generation system.

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the week in review: april 7-13
shopping review
Image by jessica wilson {jek in the box}
busy, buys , busy and HOT to boot! clockwise from the top left (just in case yer interested…):
*gift attack from gigi!
*tomaters are growing!
*taking pics for the shop
*pipecleaners and party fun
*the first harvest of lettuce of 2008!
*giftinesss for my yoga buddy
*nifty robot lurve from niki!
*find mister a-go-go (he’s putting rusty nails in the ground for the trees)
*paint project for scrumdilly-do!
*party! party! party!
*a yummy apple tart was baked (before it got crazy hot!)
*had to bring out the parasol…it’s parasol weather!
*and it’s summer hat weather also…happy april!

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