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Did someone that you know contact you and tell you that you can save money by buying items through a network of stores that Blastoff has in their network? Did you think this may be a scam?
Is Blastoff Network going to provide their distributors with a solid platform to grow or will they fall into the “mlm trap” that 97% get caught in?

Blastoff is a way that online users can tailor favorites, news, music, videos, blogs, social networks and shopping in one place. Very similar to iGoogle and Ijango (See the Ijango review I did) but Blastoff has created an affiliate program that members can take advantage of and receive commissions from purchases within the network of online stores. The Blastoff Network also offers their members the ability to earn cash back on shopping that is done within their genealogy of members.
You do not need to be a member of Blastoff in order to receive these discounts from the stores within their network.
Does Blastoff provide people with a reasonable platform to earn money?

“Think about Blastoff as a shopping portal where you can easily access the stores within their network to purchase items. You receive cash back and get paid up to 10 levels deep based off of the shopping from other people below you in the network. Blastoff will also offer members the ability to customize with their favorite news, music, videos, blogs, social networks, games, and shopping, all in one place. The reality is that anyone can get these services for free. It seems as if Blastoff organized a membership to make it easy for people to achieve the benefit without having to do it individually.”
A problem in the mlm industry is that most of the commissions are made from simply recruiting other members. If Blastoff keeps the majority of the income paid to the distributors from shopping then they are in position to survive, but will they? how many people are great at recruiting other people. Most people are uncomfortable with recruiting. A upsetting fact is that 97% of the people who join mlm fail.

“Blastoff has a good concept but it still remains to be seen if it will resonate with people. With no initial fees, income can only be made based on the activity of other members’ purchases remember that. How much can you make when someone is buying a song on iTunes? The reality issizeable income can only be made if a large network of distributors is developed and that just takes time. History show us that if people do not see a return in a timely fashion or achieve the level of success that they initially expected then they will fail to continue to use the product, even if it will save them money”,

Most network marketing companies, such as Blastoff, teach old school forms of marketing, if any, to their new members informing them to go to family members and friends to promote the product. “We have to realize that friends and family members are not entrepreneurs or network marketers. In the network marketingindustry it is all about marketing the opportunity, period. End of discussion

“Would you continue to shop from the Blastoff Network if you are not seeing results in the opportunity?” data show that most people do not continue to promote or even use the product if the opportunity does not provide results.
“My advice for the struggling networkers is to get out of that broken business model. Migrate to a company where you can learn how to market online effectively, a direct product that you can sell, and position yourself to use the Internet and develop marketing skills to lever your time and create residual income without relying on putting hundreds if not thousands of people to make any kind of money”

BUT…What is Being Left Out of the Blastoff Presentations…
In my 6 years of being in the MLM industry, what has and continues to be left out of every presentation is the importance of understanding how you are going to MARKET YOU. When joining PPL Blastoff you are not simply joining a company, you are becoming a business owner and that requires a completely different mindset!

You have to understand how it is that you are going to set YOURSELF apart as a leader in Blastoff and market YOU. See, I’ve found that it really doesn’t matter which company you join or for that matter what their product is…it is really about you becoming a true business owner. Understanding how to market, manage people, create cash flow and bring in new distributors on a daily basis is the lifeblood of being in the MLM industry.
One of the greatest ways that I found to learn how to market online using all of these mediums was to learn from those who’d already done it.
If you’re new or old to the network marketing game this is a great way for you to be able to get started.

The system I use, created by someone who has made millions in this industry, is truly amazing and you can try it out for ONLY $ 1…it’s really a no brainer. Try it for 14 days and you’ll be amazed at all the value that’s here

Seven Fifteen
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The Vancouver steam clock blows steam on the quarter of the hour. This morning I caught the seven fifteen steaming.

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