The Blastoff Network: Video/Article Review


The Blastoff Network is a FREE personalized webpage that combines all of your favorite media outlets, news updates, social streams, online shopping outlets and more. Blastoff sets itself apart from similar websites such as Facebook and Twitter because there is an opportunity to save money and make money by using the online shopping mall.

As with everything, there are pros and cons to the Blastoff Network….


1. Sometimes the site takes a little too long to load. This is not a terrible con because it could simply be the result of my impatience or internet connection.

2. The Blastoff status update is sometimes inaccurate. This feature is supposed to inform you when you complete a portion of your Blastoff setup. However, after completing 80% of my profile, it still shows me at 40%.


1. All of my favorite social media outlets are in the same location. I can view my Facebook page, Twitter, ESPN, YouTube, E! News and more of the websites I love.

2. The Blastoff online shopping mall allows me to save money on my purchases. All I have to do is go to the shopping mall, click on the store I wish to shop from and it will send me directly to the store website. The only difference is that when I check out, I get the Blastoff discount.

3. You can make money with the Blastoff Network. When new members sign up for Blastoff on your page, you will make a percentage of their discount when they make purchases.

4. Your downline can go on for 20 degrees out. You’ll be making money off of people you’ve never met.

Still have questions? The video below will explain all aspects of Blastoff in vast detail. Take a few moments to review this short clip and learn how you can profit from this FREE and entertaining opportunity.

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