ZamZuu Review – MLM Secrets to a six Figure Income


ZamZuu Review – The right way to grow your ZamZuu network marketing business.

ZamZuu is a hot topic these days, so I am going to do a ZamZuu Review for others who are looking for information on this company. I am not a distributor with the company. This is a third party ZamZuu Review. The company has changed it’s name for YTB to ZamZuu and it is doing things a whole lot better. ZamZuu distributors are given their own personal website that they can share a link with others to do shopping. There are many perks for being a distributor with the company. It was very smart to setup up a shopping network where you can shop and receive commissions on purchases and cash back. The shopping portal is enormous. They have some of the top stores in their portal from Kmart, Staples, Sears and so much more. What’s so smart about the whole concept is that we are in age where people prefer to shop online instead of actually going out and shopping at the store. So this will really attract a lot of people to the company.

Lets see if you can make money in this ZamZuu Review

To join the business you pay $ 250 for the preliminary payment and you required to pay $ 50 a month for your website and back office. As a distributor you can earn up to 50%-60% off of sales through your website. This is a very exciting company to join. You and your family and friends already shop online, so why not encourage them to shop through your website and you can earn income. You also want to bring other distributors into the company because that’s when you can start to earn extra bonuses.

ZamZuu is a spinoff company that was YTB. The company is not a scam it’s a legitimate company.

Let me get straight to the point. ZamZuu is a good business and you can also make a whole lot of money. If you don’t have the right training to learn how to generate visitors to your website you aren’t going to have a lot success. Let’s be honest, your friends and family are going to be buying but is it enough to bring you commissions every month. Whether you’re a distributor with ZamZuu or another business it is all the same, you can not have success if you do not have training and leads.

Let me provde the formula for success to grow your business.

1. You need to build a list through funnels and a personal website. When you build your list you must integrate an email autoresponder so that you can grow your own list.
2. Marketing funnel – Your funnel brings prospects in and qualify and filter your leads so you are only left with serious qualified leads
3. Funded proposal are going to provide you cash flow on auto-pilot.

This is the Formula that you need to build a successful ZamZuu Business.

This ZamZuu Review was designed to provide others the answers whether ZamZuu is a legitimate company. Most ZamZuu distributors will not have any success with the company because they will not be giving any training on how to sponsor distributors. To learn how you can generate a large number of leads for your ZamZuu business visit Theresa Jordan’s MLM Success training.

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