Internet Holiday Shopping Can Save You Time, Stress and Money


Don’t fancy the idea of crowds and traffic? Do your shopping online. If you have had it with traditional holiday shopping you are not alone. Even the most fearless and most organized holiday shopping divas tire from the endless crowds and cheesy holiday music. Luck for us in this day and age there is another option: internet shopping.

Internet shopping is sweeping the nation and is quickly become a very normal occurrence. Yet as any shopping diva knows there are a few ins and outs that can greatly increase your success.

Shop Savvy

First off, just because you can shop from home in your undies does not mean that you need any less preparation. You are a shopping diva, after all, and just because you are taking your list into cyberspace instead of retail space does not eliminate the need to check it twice. Once you have prepared your list with the utmost care, then you are ready to shop.

Shop Safe

With identity theft being an ever-growing threat, one of the first things an internet shopping diva needs to know is how to make her funds secure. There are a few ways to do this. One of the first ways is to make certain you only give out credit card information on secured websites.

Check if the site is secure by looking for a padlock icon on your browser window. If there is no such icon, the site is not secure and you shouldn’t give out your information. Never ever give out credit card information in email. Email is not secure.

Other security measures include using the same credit card to make all your online purchases. This card should carry a low spending limit. That way if your information is stolen the culprit can’t rack up huge bills. Also using just one card eliminates the question of what card was used when or if you need to contest a charge.

Shop Smart

One of the great things about taking the shopping online is that there are tons of review websites. When shopping in person at Holiday Toddler Toy Emporium, the only review you are likely to get about a toy is from the box, fellow shoppers or the teenage sales clerk. These resources often leave much to be desired.

Not so with online stores. Reviews are plentiful, detailed and have real life experience. This kind of information at your fingertips will help you avoid poor purchases.

Shop Savings

Hesitate to shop online because you think the cost is too much? This is not true. You can use the same coupons online as in the store for cost savings. In addition to coupon savings you rarely need to pay sales tax on online purchases. This is a savings of on average 8% right back into your pocket.

Shipping costs are a concern, but if you shop early you can avoid high express shipping rates as well as the trip to the post office when you need to send your three-year-old nephew his Christmas gift.

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Tall Vancouver Steam Clock
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Image by `James Wheeler
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I took a bunch of different angle of the Vancouver steam clock back in January, this is one of my favorites.

Other Photo Gear Used: Sirui T-2005X Tripod with K-10x Tripod Head
Photo Processing Software used: Adobe Lightroom; Adobe Photoshop; Topaz Adjust;

Feel free to download the full size version of Tall Vancouver Steam Clock from my blog for personal use. For commercial use, please contact me for pricing.

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Why People Are Using Online Entertainment Auction Sites For Holiday Shopping

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If you thought Black Friday offered good deals on consumer goods, but disliked the crowds and prefer a more entertaining style of shopping then you are one of many people who will love using online auction sites. Holiday shopping has never been as fun or as kind to your wallet than it is now. Online entertainment auction sites offer money-conscience customers a chance to enjoy the best new products of the season for massive savings off of regular retail price, and entertain themselves while doing so.

Feedback is very positive for users who learn the system of online entertainment auction sites. It can put the fun back into online shopping, with a bit of drama and strategy. And who doesn’t love avoiding long lines and sold out stores, in person? With online entertainment auction sites, everything is at your fingertips and ready to ship the moment you win. Many people are trading in the traditional ways of shopping for more enjoyable alternatives.

One of the most popular testimonials found on these websites are on successful winners of auctions on consumer electronics. These sites always have the selection you want; almost everything electronic you can possibly think of is online and on auction: headphones, HDTVs, digital music players, portable computers, surveillance systems, cell phones, and more! Do you know a loved one with their eyes on the newest electronics for this holiday season? Why not use online entertainment auctions to help fulfill their wishes, or pass on the information to those you know? It’s an entertaining way to try to get the stuff you want at unique prices.

Using online entertainment auction sites to shop for what you want for the holidays is a great way to keep holiday activities interesting. People who excel with online entertainment auction sites are those who enjoy strategy and are focused on having fun. Products can be found and bid on, in some instances for mere pennies, but the most successful consumers do it just for the entertainment. Succeeding and winning an auction can be an absolute thrill. Imagine gifts that cost less than $ 20 but retail for over $ 300! That’s enough to put everyone in the holiday spirit!

An entertaining way of saving up to 80% off of retail is one of the most popular reasons that people are using online entertainment auction sites this holiday season. Best of all, you can participate whenever it’s most convenient for you, from the comforts of your home, even while at work! For those with very busy schedules, it is an effective way to get those very important people checked off your list without stressing about having time to shop during normal business hours. Fighting crowds is not the way to enjoy the holiday season. That is why so many people are turning towards accomplishing their holiday shopping using the Internet and online entertainment auction sites.

If you’re ready to get your feet wet and want to shop for Christmas in an entertaining fashion, head on over to an online entertainment auction site and learn more about beginner strategies. Make sure to read a user review or two and try to learn the ropes using simple auctions to start out. After that, the sky is the limit! What do you have your eye on for the Holidays? was founded in July 2009 as a more entertaining Internet auction site, dedicated to standing out from competition by providing an online auction model with the best deals for consumers. Reviews on QuiBids are in, and overwhelmingly positive. Customer testimonials and QuiBids reviews find the website reliable, money-saving and most of all, fun!

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Image by Stuck in Customs
Daily Photo – Aerophilia
Is aerophilia a word? Probably not. People that are really into planes probably have a very specific word for this, and the "wrong" word probably really irritates them… so I apologize in advance.

This wondrous place is the new Air and Space Museum in DC. I thought I knew a lot about planes until I got here. I would recognize this and that, but the whole gestalt of the place was completely overwhelming. Overwhelming in an awesome way, of course.

I only took the Nikon D3S in here (see my Nikon D3S Review) because they would not allow tripods. The D3S is so much better at quick shots with low noise. All of my HDRs in here were handheld, so I had to be sure that I took the photos quickly and with very little noise.
My Best Tweet Ever
Some of you follow me on Twitter to get regular useful and useless updates throughout the day. Sometimes I check back to see which tweets get "ReTweeted" the most. By far, the best tweet ever was:

@TreyRatcliff This guy traveled the world in the early 1900s & captured it all in COLOR.

If you follow me, I promise never to tell you when I am standing in line at a coffee shop. I try to do 33% inspirational tweets about interesting art and cultural finds, 33% connecting people with others, and 33% links to my own personal latest works. The last 1% is "Wildcard" (said in the Charlie voice from It’s Always Sunny).

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